Monday, April 19, 2010

sharing is caring

assalamualaikum wbt..

hi,long time no see =) in fact, we're in the middle of final exam n i'm here,blogging beside hubby who's watching a disney movie (part of a relaxation method he claims=P). balqis? ahha,she's still sleeping,completing her usual 12hours sleep..

actually, just dropping by to share a good link,worth reading and pondering especially for a long time married couple..-2-3years above is qualified(kot) but definitely not for a newly wed couple/ still in honeymoon mood..hehe,no offense ya! and not to forget this. Ni untuk pembaca yang tengah free2 la ye..contohnya, ibudamia yg baru habis periksa finalnya yg tengah bercuti bersama damia' sayang kt aloq setaq nun. =)

untuk yang bujang, i'd recommend just a recommendation =) kalau ade lagi,will share it later...later insyaAllah..

k,bye for now! wish us best of luck and bittaufiq maan najah to all from PAMABALQIS..

~febuari 2010~Hyde Park