Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Penyejuk mata papa dan mama..

Daddy's little star
(Batrisya Balqis, 3yrs 5mo)

Mommy's little soldier
(Muhammad Uwais, 2mo)

Semoga menjadi jundullah yang soleh dalam lapangan masing2 kelak ,ameen~\

Barely supermak

Assalamualaykum wbt..

Sorry peeps, i haven't been updating the blog since Allah-knows-when.. =)

It's morning , past subuh..i've just done the laundry and prepared a light breakfast for us two. While sipping our tea (in fact a teh pekat for him n teh tarik for me), we are watching or learning to be exact from a famous Fattabiouni series in Youtube..Then,papabalqis off to Cairo for some purposes,leaving me alone melayan latest album maher Zain, while the kids are still sleeping in another room =) 

The truth is, my mornings look nothing like this..it's really different having 2 growing children in the home rather than just one before heheh =) Since Uwais arrives, my usually hectic day is getting more occupied...becoming even more with me and hubby together in a clinical year. At the end of the day, no matter how absolutely you feel exhausted, you would still have to flip two to three pages regarding topics discussed in the clinical rounds and bedside teaching in the day. Because I dont want to go to class with no clues in head if the Prof bring the same cases that I've met yesterday. But most of the time, I fell asleep with the unfinished reading chapter on me..I've only realized when husband pick the book and place it on the table,huhu~

So, whether we're a parent struggling with the challenges of raising young children or a student trying to wring every last page out of the day, most of us are busy..Who said life is easy, but it is worth living for right ??! :D

Now, we're having 2 weeks study leave for Paediatric which I'm so in love with. The  curriculum books are also awesome especially 'buku matahari' =)  Maybe because I couldnt enjoy in the Internal Med round before with a big tummy that i had to carry on here and there hehe..but, i will surely miss the moment where i had to climb the stairs everyday to go to Tropical round together with Uwais literally. But back then in the first year, we went to Anatomy Museum to study all the bones and jars with little Balqis inside the tummy.So,should have no complains because dah ade pengalaman kan haha.. Cumanya, I just dont know how we could survive until now if without Allah's help.

Not easy but do-able =)  

Now, everything is back at usual. Big sissy goes to her playgroup, mama and papa go to our playground and Uwais plays at home with a good hand Alhamdulillah to take care of him for a while. 

OK, i'm gonna go back at my works before those two precious wake up =) 

Enjoy your holiday everyone~