Sunday, January 3, 2010


salam 'alayk..

apparently, mama is a bit down today..feel like blowing my top..reason? only Allah knows.. just dont get any words to unstack those out..masa papa kt luar td for some purposes, i msged him talking about this unbearable stress inside me..sebab,bila berdepan,it's kind of hard to verbalize it..nanti adegan hujan turun sume mengacau mood nak bercerita..truly,it's sort of miserable climate that i'm forced to handle it wisely..

TAPI, budak kecik comel permata hati ni really made me to not just smile,but to feel very pleased with herself..inilah keajaiban Allah,kan? He created a baby who is so pure and calm to give warmth and can soothe a heart who is in need..

she ate almost 2 bars from my Galaxy chocolate that papa bought me without my glance..kerja papa dan Balqis dua beranak.. =)

i must say that i'm so grateful to Allah for this miracle of love that He gives least He made me realized that my hubby n I really have a job to do which is making a Khalifatullah is no more a dream..Semoga Allah membantu kami untuk mendidik diri sekaligus mendidik zuriat kami seterusnya,ameen..

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