Friday, May 21, 2010

$6 - $27 or more in less than 15 mins ?!?! = )

assalamualaikum wbt..

hope everyone is happy in His continuous blessings...

just dropped by here to share a link that i've stumbled upon it this evening.. this is not a mere promotion.. it's just that i found it interesting for you guys to try it PLUS , it doesn't cost you anything..

and oh, this is about a quick short survey and its FREE!! =) what else? it can be redeemed into paypal nice =P

p/s: if u prefer to know more, feel free to dig it here..


ANIEMZ said...

salam.. kak shida, mekasih sebab gitau cara nak tambah income ni.. betul2 menjadi.. tunggu dapat $75, nak redeem la.. thanks ye..

mmk said...

wslm aniemz..

alhamdulillah kalau jadi..hehe,biasalah kita young parents ni,mesti nak cari jln tmbah income..insyaAllah,rezeki Allah tu Maha Luas..

klu dh dpt redeem nnti,gtau ye =) kitorg pun diperingkat mencuba ni tp oklah so far.. satu lg, dia bkn jenis system piramid,so i loike! =)

k dear, take care 4 u n d baby syg~