Monday, December 5, 2011



I have a lot to say..
But i'm not really into blogging for the past few weeks..Yes, some things are best to be left unsaid =)

It's just life's been good to me at the us actually..everything is just on its pace,making me to stay grateful for all the wonderful things He planned on me..

We'll be having our end round exam this week.. Mine with Chest and Tropical round while my dear roommate will be occupied with Neuro thingy until the day comes. Do wish us luck ya...

And,gladly our dear Balqis lately has been so lovely understanding upon our condition..that most of the time she choose to let herself dwell in joy with some typical preschool activities that we set on her..while mama and papa are busy chit-chatting together hehe..

To some extent,I’m starting to feel how watching my daughter grows up could be bittersweet...I miss to cuddle her like a baby..feed her, or even wake up in the middle of sleep at night to change her diaper..Now that Balqis is 3 and half years old, I’m surprised by how fast we got here. There are still rough times: clashes over foods, her nap is still a problem, and it takes some effort to get her to sleep at night. You’ve got better things to do than read a mommy’s brag sheet about her daughter… so I will spare you. But I tell you she really is amazing.. Everyday she's trying out new exciting things that melt my heart..when we picked her at school, she would tell me "mom, school best"(notice that she didnt put "is" here..i think she's still in developing process on how to make a proper sentence hehe)..When she heard that i'm whining over something,she'd say " It's ok,smile..I VOVIU(I love you)"..and i dont know why lately she choose to call me as "mom" because truthfully i'd rather prefer to be addressed as "Mama"..and if she's done something wrong or she realized that she'd made her papa turns green with a frowned face, she'll quickly say this again and again "i'm soli(sorry) papa, with a sober but cute face until she feel forgave..He he..It's just,I write it here as a reminder to embrace every second offered as a parent..her papa and I did what any good parents should do – we decided to start having more fun as well!

Also, I feel like sharing it here about my daughter milestone in memorizing Quran..after a lengthy discussion between my husband and me and loads of research, we did like the other parents out there who want to build a foundation of Quran reading when the kids are very young..Right now, Alhamdulillah eventhough she's not so brilliant with the hijaiyah alphabet (there are few letters that she misunderstood and cant say properly like "Ra") that SOMETIMES I feel like giving up teaching her in a chronological manner, we dont want to overwhelm her..Just let her learn in her own pace and at the same time did not miss her fun time.. So,with a jumpstart here and there (due to our poor commitment and discipline), Alhamdulillah she's managed to recite few short surahs quite nice if not so properly like Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Kauthar, Surah Al-'Asr, Surah Al-Fatihah and some surahs still in progress..Alhamdulillah..pray for her ya =)

OK, enough about my princess =)

So,pagi ini, rancangan asalnya seusai solat subuh adalah nak menyudahkan pinggan yang bersusun kerana tak sempat mencuci selepas memasak sebelum ke tusyen malam tadi. Balik dari tusyen, bengkak di kaki makin terasa denyutannya jadi my other half suruh berehat saja sambil borak-borak dengannya dan melayan Balqis beraktiviti. So, i plan to settle all of it this morning..Tapi, masuk je dapur tadi, masyaAllah semuanya sudah bersih dan kemas tersusun..melangkah ke bilik Balqis nak kemaskan barang-barang mainannya pula,walla! semua sudah tersimpan rapi di bakul mainan, buku-bukunya siap tersusun di rak..

Subhanallah, i was speechless for the kindness of a husband that He gave me..I know that he's done a lot since our knot ties,just to make sure that the children and I feel safe and happy being parts of his life TT

Most of the time, i dont prefer to write about my husband here, or anything about our marriage..for me, it's kind of privacy that i limit myself to talk about here in public. But, right now i just feel that it's OK to write out about it sometimes for the sake of my appreciation..because who knows it would be nicer for him to read it somewhere rather than listening it directly from my mouth..=)

Lastly, I know I can never thank him enough for all his quality..but, with Allah's grace i did promise myself to never let him down...and to always stay together throughout his ups and downs..ahha,it's just that i cant deny he's indeed my better half...

Oh, please excuse this if I lay it on thick..the fact is we will be saying goodbye to each other for quite a long time that i couldnt stop praying deeply that Allah will ease our feeling towards this..InsyaAllah together with Balqis,I will go back to Malaysia very soon for my maternity leave..And, papa will rejoin us in Malaysia right after the winter break holiday has started,which is on January 26th(lamanyaaa huu~).

And suddenly I've just noticed that I never speak a word about this here..

Yes,InsyaAllah we are welcoming our Second bundle of joy...three and half years had passed and kakak Balqis growing up alone...Allah must have known that we needed a new baby in our home so Alhamdulillah, here I am approaching my 32 weeks pregnancy healthily (so healthy that sometimes it traumatizes me to look at myself in the mirror) and thankfully..Please pray for our safety..

After all, Thank you Allah for the gift you have given me..My pride and joy, my little princess, my coming little hero, my endless warmth supports from beloved hubby,family and friends.. =)

Those are what makes my life worth while...Alhamdulillah thummalhamdulillah~~


'atiqah said...

salam, it's a 'hero' then?? TAHNIAH!! =)

mmk said...


yes,insyaAllah will be a hero =)

Dear, i dont know why i cant reach u at this moment..i mean, it's always unable for me to drop any comment regarding ur entries..

Maybe should try harder kot =)

Anyway, glad to hear from u..and, ur car is so awesome =)

'Atiqah said...

o, really?? erm, takpe je =) take care tau!! all the best eh utk exam kali ni.ameen
p/s: kereta 'cikai' tapi penuh makna =p

dealova said...


wat a cool father mother..
all the best..
insyaalah everything is fine k.syida!..:)

incik said...

wah..a hero is coming!tahniah akak.=)

Aimanurtasnim said...

I'm also dwelling in joyyy reading this entry..hehehe:) so happy for you, kak shida..:) pls take care and smile always..:)

nhanunmr said...

Rabbuna yusahhil wa yuqawwi k.shida :)