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Turki trip : last part

assalamualaikum wbt..

i'm sorry for not be able to reply the comments and shouts at the shout box until now..but i do read all of them and feel so happy to receive all your's just i'm having quite a tight time now,but insyaAllah i'll reply as soon as i'm back here..

Hari ke-4

We took a ride in a boat/small cruise for our Bosphorus Tour program. Alhamdulillah, everything went well except for the part it's so cold outside..hujan pula turun renyai-renyai,menambahkan kesejukan yang sedia ada..

on the deck..hujan renyai-renyai masa ni..

Balqis yang dah mulai mamai(alhamdulillah dia tak mabuk laut)

castle 1

castle II

omg,i forgot the name of those castles..since castle is almost everywhere there,so i tend to fail to remember the name..but nothing important here except for those buildings were changed into hotels for some tourism purposes i think..5 stars hotels with incredibly expensive rate.

of all the buildings that we saw,there's something that caught my glimpse..i was quite fascinated to see the Marmara Sea that is geographically connects Black Sea to Aegean Sea,thus separating Turkey's Asean and Europian parts. Also,it separates Istanbul to its Europian and Asean parts..

I've also learned that throughout history, this geographical peculiarity made Turki as a natural bridge between the East and West, that is between Asia and Europe, over which many ancient peoples have passed, left their traces and chose this region as their motherland where they shaped many later civilizations. That's why people walking in a Turkish street can see Turks which has variable physical appearance , from the blond haired and-blue-eyed to Asiatic-looking individuals because they have already intermixed with other ethnicities and races.

This issue raises an important questions : To which people shall we refer as Turks ? And, I ended up to discover a satisfyingly answer to my question in Saifulislam. Com. You can read the journals from his outnumbered journeys in Turki from his own's so full of spirit to learn how the Islamic leaders of Turki (Erbakan and Recep Tayyip Erdogan) had planned an effective strategy to motivate the Muslims during that time in order to survive the pressure from the other secular leaders. Alhamdulillah,slowly they managed to save Turki when they won the seats. mind you,until i write this word,i am still hoping and praying that our brothers and sisters in Turki will always stand firm and have a strong untouchable 'Aqidah despite all the pressure strained on them. May Allah with His Merciful showers them with His Love, Rahmah and Guidance till the end of the day..AMEEN

pada sebelah malam..

went to Kanyon (2nd largest supermarket after Cevahir)..

Papa was happy to find an Apple store here =) mama dan balqis pun tumpang 'menjamu' mata tengok high tech gadgets kat sana,hehe..

muka baru bangun tidur

science education for toddler =)

kami pulang setelah dapat aiskrim sorang sebatang,hehe..only 1TL (Turkish Lira) and got 2big scoops each..Alhamdulillah =)

hari ke-5

Disebabkan dah nak balik hari ini, jadi kami jalan-jalan kat kawasan dekat-dekat je sementara menunggu airport transfer. Sempatlah membeli beberapa helai pashmina lagi untuk mak, ma dan tok..untuk saya,tak beli pun sebab wished nak datang lagi next time InsyaAllah..nak kembara ke bahagian timur Turki pula..InsyaAllah,sebelum habis pengajian di sini..

balqis bangun pagi-pagi masih mengantuk lagi =)

yummy hot waffle with more than 15 choices of sauces

alhamdulillah sempat juga singgah di pameran seni lukisan yang hasil tangan mereka masyaAllah sangat memukau..


looks real..


spent good times here,alhamdulillah

cheerful balqis

sempat lagi berposing dengan tocang pokok kelapa (^_~)

dengan tudung pashmina pula =)

nak balik dah..kat lobi hotel

this always happen when she got her own seat


home sweet home

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