Saturday, February 6, 2010

Turki trip : part II

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Good to see you back =) before that, may all of us have a blissful morning this morning..oh, 2days ago, we received a special guest from Malaysia..she is my cousin who came here to celebrate her husband's graduation day which will be held 2days more in Kaherah..and,they are a newly wed lovely couple who're also here to cherish their honeymoon around Egypt =) the best part was after today's Jumaat prayer,hehe.. how lucky for us to taste their cooking of Nasi Bukhari with Meat, Chicken Gravy Curry, Coleslaw, Sambal Tomato and were more delighted with fruits and juices(Wild Berry and Cocktail).. Alhamdulillah..we're so full (including D---H you-know-who-you-are,haha) and everyone went to sleep earlier than usual including me and Balqis who was so energetic to see her house is full with least other than her parents..well, the more the merrier =)

ok,here we are..come back to Turkiye(i saw Turkish people wrote like this) story..


This was our third day..went to Istanbul for sightseeing tours..alhamdulillah we got a muslim tourist guide who was quite good in Islamic history knowledge..made us easier to understand what was going on according to the historical places..but,at night(almost every night there) my hubby and i did some quick read at several reliable sources (thanks to wi-fi) about those facts..just to make sure we got a clean fact and of course from Islamic perspective since there's really a big crash between secularisme and our beloved pure religion in Turki..

papa n balqis in front of Blue Mosque

p/s : note the minarets of blue mosque are was a symbolic of minarets of Masjidil Haram . MasyaAllah..other mosques will just do with four minarets.

in front of Aya Sophia (St Sophia)

for me, i would say it's quite sad to see Aya Sophia/ Hagia Sophia..though it's sooo big (we're quite amazed at it's size especially from the inside view), older than Blue Mosque and have its well-known popularity, but deep inside it, we(my hubby n i ) could see the identity crisis referring to who's the most right to claim the place..from a church, a very big churh, Sultan Muhammad Fatih had fought for it's right when Constantinople was conquered and immediately made some enormous alterations in order to convert it to be a mosque.. a mosque where Muslims in that time can gather to pray together and rebuild their strength in balancing the great influence of's just clear that we could see how the architects in-charged managed to fix some christian's thing such as a cross sign into something that is surely Islamic..we took so many pictures especially the alteration parts but they were gone with our sick camera..only fews were successfully taken by phones thus can be uploaded here. but now,it has become a museum when it was converted in 1935 by Republic of Turkey..and this is believed due to the great influence of secularisme by Mustafa Kemal more here.

one of the changes inside the building - the name of Hassan and Hussin r.a

the heart soothing - Allah's name

an ablution(wudhu') place specially made for the sultans during that time

one of a corner inside the building

this time i'm just taking part to swap my thumb into the hole..they say it is made for some doa whispering..means that, u wish anything in ur heart while ur thumb make a round in the hole..telling you,there were lots of tourists lined up to do this..but gladly i got the chance without having to be in line(thats why i looked like smiling) but someone trustable told me this is kind of superstitious..huhu,no big thing.

my both pearls in front of hippodrome

in front of Blue Mosque (it's just opposite to Hagia Sophia)

a very excited baby with her onion-style hair, who was puling her mommy away from the crowd because she had something more interested to pay attention to =)

a carpet show by it's owner (Turki has lots of beautiful carpet ranging from a very fine silk handmade carpet to a wool carpet who were both so expensive). here alhamdulillah we were served by Apple Ice Tea(their traditional drink) to quench our thirst. some of us (from Nepal) chose Tequilla (ish ish ish)..

silk carpet (berangan je la kita bang ye)

in Grand Bazaar (yeah,it's very grand with more than 4000 shops..) tiring but happening =)

me with my pale face(letih woo) beside my Yemen friend. look at Balqis,she's trying to befriend with that boy (i forgot his name) =)

to be continued... sayonara =)

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