Thursday, February 12, 2009

hari ini..

hari ini..

my hb demam dah masuk hari yg ke4 (syafakallah dear..)
(knp ditangga pertama?? kerana ini perkara pertama dikepala saya setelah beberapa hari ni)

-tindakan adolf hitler mungkin ada betulnya disebalik salahnya yg kita tahu (i've just read thoroughly the text so as to answer my hb's question before,"what was the motive behind Hitler's action"..couldnt tell more here..kena
hadam dulu,baru blh tulis the statement in my own words..after all,im trying to verbalize my understanding to him first).

t h e b a b y

-lots of praises to Allah for such a very good dear daughter ; she is well understood my busyness to take care of sick papa. just feel so entertained with her TOOTHLESS grin all the time,hehe..

dah tinggal separuh =)

-caramel/puding gula hangus which i've already forgot the recipe but really had to work on it since that's the only thing that papa has a crave for. alhamdulillah,im glad it happens to be great for him though i know i might have some mistakes at the ingredients' measurement just now.

-kallim 'arabi kuwayyis..alhamdulillah,im having a so called serious intense course last night..sape lg ustaznya kalau bukan ustazku yg seorang itu,hehe..papa kata,cakap je,terabur pun takpe..lama2,masterlah,insyaAllah =) oh,how i wish i could at least speak the language with a firm looking.not tergagap2 dah.

-then,yes, study time is about to begin.. ok,sayonara..see u again and wish us luck!! =)

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