Sunday, February 22, 2009

tag by Nour El

The rules :
Link to your tagger and post these rules.
List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people.

Who's the lucky one this time?

-i chose not to tag anybody since almost everyone here is announcing their 'route to final/road to final/going final' and etc that well alarmed me,they've got more important task to do..but,tag is anyway a task,right? simple yet knotty task given by ur 'naughty' friend to show that u are on their quite -favorable list? yeke?? perasan mode =P

ok,here we begin..


1) i think i am a practical person. i'm easily lost my concentration in any talk/motivation series that used to come out with theoretical suggestion,not something that told me what to do next..with this trait,i prefer to ask person with a HOW question rather than WHAT question.

2) i am the only daughter in my family and i am happy about that,huhu

3) i am crazy about bihun goreng mamak and char kuey tiaw

4) i have lost my precious present from my fiancee(now is beloved husband)-sony mp3 in Emirates airline..still feel regret for not keeping it properly..TT

5) i have a quite good spatial memory(abg tlg jgn jeles ye). i still can figure out clearly what was my tadika look alike,who sat beside me,who was cooking in the kitchen,my primary school, my dorm,and so on..but,it seems useless when i cant recall anything when i lost something,heh.

6) i know i have a very supportive family and friends to turn to whenever i need them.

7) i born in kedah,stay there, school there,but i think i might stay in Kelantan after this eventhough i love kedah (no offence ye!!)

8) i am grateful that i can cook fast. many have said that,hehe..

that's all from me..wrong or right, afwan minni..Allah knows BETTER =)

ok,keep smiling for a brighter day (^_^)

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nahdia said...

syida..takde shout box ke?