Saturday, February 14, 2009

missing you

ive just realised that i missed somebody out there..somebody which has gone far far away from me,from us and from everybody..but,still,she has a big place deep in my heart..

regards to my late sister in law :- Da (Nur Syuhada bt. Marinamarican)

I MISS YOU DEAR..(dah banyak hari teringatkan Da tp dont have a person to tell to..wanna share my missing heart with my hb,takut abg sedih pulak..maybe writing it out here could be a good try but,mcmlah abg tak baca,kan?).. We will continue to pray for you, indeed Allah has a reason for everything He does, so we take it as this was your time to go home. You will always be remebered and your life will be an ongoing process, be it not by yours living it, but by the way u lived it.

she's really a person that possesses a kind heart within her,who was always smile and was the only sister that i always chatted with during my days in Kelantan(my another sis-in-law baru darjah 5).yes,we've had our own memories created back then walaupun perkenalan yang tak sampai setahun. and,she's gone on November 8th,a week before Balqis was born after involved in some road accident.

my deepest condolences to ma(i do adore your strong faith),abah and all her siblings especially my hubby(Da is indeed her most beloved sister) is with deep sorrow that we had learnt of Da's missing..what should we bear in mind is that she is not dead but she has return home where we all belong..

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart.

the sister and daughter in law.
(In the hope to meet shortly again even it is just for one dream, and make our absence sweet)

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Nik Ainaa said...

salam akak. saya tergerak hati nak komen apabila ternampak bin suami akak marinamarican dan lebih kuat mengatakan apabila akak ada cakap arwah adik ipar and another sis in law. saya rasa saya kenal mereka semua. what i means, akak kakak ipar waniey kan? saya kawan waniey. dah lama cari waniey. nanti akak balas kat email saya ya.