Friday, January 9, 2009

i have to..i want to..


"u looked stress la dear.."my hubby said to me last night during our meal time.."yeke.."jawab saya hambar..

maybe YES,my heart said..lately,i was a bit stress and badly, im not realizing that until my hubby tegur,we had a long talk after that instead of memaksa diri untuk study since baby pun tido,and today alhamdulillah,i got my strength back..thanks honey =)

em,we discussed a lot about why i feel depressed n SHOULD i have that feeling?? or,dengan lebih tepat lagi,should i LAYAN perasaan yang kurang-baik itu?? termalu sendiri plak mengenangkan that i was worrying over a small thing such as- selungguk kain tak lipat lagi,barang-barang dapur yg belum habis disusun n quite a big thing such as - syllabus yang TERlalu banyak untuk dicover since bercuti lama sangat di Malaysia..of course i couldnt afford to read and memorize them all,kenapa mau ribut-ribut sih mrs.papa?? BERTENANG..kata papa smlm..kita susun satu-satu WHAT SHOULD WE DO FIRST??

then,today i woke up happily sbb ive already got the solution. my hubby was guiding me and i am d one who ought to think of the idea..maka lahirlah sebuah tema : I HAVE TO,I WANT TO..(suddenly,i miss my old bestfriend : marhamah. dulu,we always come up dgn new theme walaupun tema tue hanya bertahan untuk satu hari je =P).

banyak marked difference between this both- WANT and HAVE. experimentally,when i said to myself this morning that i WANT to rearrange my barang-barang dapur first,then i really can finish it happily without having to think about "ini tak buat lagi,itu tak settle lagi".. why? because im enjoying doing things that i want to do..compared to the things that i think i have to do..insyaAllah i will finish them too but without any satisfaction..penat lagi ada,right? so,the secret key that lies behind this WANT and HAVE word is ENJOY!! teringat jus mango jenama Enjoy,sedapnya..=) then,i kept experiment lagi dengan beberapa tasks that i've listed in my mind and this writing blog is the second last task that i WANT to do for today..after this,i will sms my mom n mom in law because i want to message them,hehe..konklusinya,the STRESS thing had flew away from me..

i think i should thank my hubby for the free motivational talk smlm,hehe..

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